Windshield Repair or Replacement

When their windshield is damaged, many car owners resort to the cheapest fix…little realising that they are putting themselves and th

eir dear ones at great risk! If you are one such owner, and, unfortunately, you get into in a serious accident, you will find that this decision could cost you dearly.

When you come to Auto Glass Ajax, you can be assured that you are in safe hands you have come to the best windshield repair and replacement technicians in town! We will first carry out a thorough inspection of the cracked windscreen to figure out if it can be repaired rather than replaced, saving you time and money. If you have a windshield crack repair or a stone chip repair that is less than 6 inches long and is located in a place where repair is possible, then a quick windshield repair may be all that you need. However, in cases where a repair is not likely to be safe, then we would advise you to go in for a total windshield replacement.

So cutting corners and going with the cheapest price for a windshield repair or replacement is just not the safest option. Always check around to find out who is the best auto glass professional in your area, and speak to some of their customers to find out how their work is, and whether it has lasted over time. Make sure you go to technicians who use the right glass and the right techniques for windshield repairs and replacements. OEM glass is of higher quality and fits better, and you should never compromise by using a cheaper glass. After the installation is complete, the car should sit for a minimum of an hour before it is driven away. The right bonding agents should be used and the technicians should have sufficient expertise to do the work properly.

Auto Glass Safety Council Guidelines lay emphasis on the fact that old windshields which have pits or are hazed should be repaired or replaced without delay, since the pits can magnify the glare of oncoming car lights at night. In fact, reliable studies have shown that windshield chips or cracks that are directly in your field of vision can greatly hamper your response to emergency traffic situations- endangering your life.

At Auto Glass Ajax, you can be sure that your windshield repair or replacement work will be carried out by expert professionals with the right training and experience, who use the right materials and the right techniques to execute the job. With us, your vehicle is in good hands…and so is your safety!

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